The World’s first Identity Switch™

Seamlessly Unifying Identity Systems

A trusted foundation for a secure and flexible digital future

Increasing revenue and profitability

Increasing revenue and profitability

Reduces authentication costs

Eliminates cost and complexity of consolidation and integration

Reduces fraud and mitigates identity risk

Reduces fraud and mitigates identity risk

Authorisation based on profile information from a variety of sources

Tailors authorization parameters by customer-, channel- or transaction type

Enables new authentication services

Integrates real-time data from multiple sources for a comprehensive view of customer.

Enhances service availability

Ensures consistency of service levels and information across multiple customer touch points

Improves service agility and flexibility

Modern integration protocols. Transaction processing by application, channel or customer type.

Builds customer trust

building trust

Unique “triproval” policy for secure authentication of customers

Customer authentication remains customer controlled, engendering high trust levels

For a smart future

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Avoiding false acceptance through accurate performance


A scalable and agile solution to address a variety of applications in organisations of any size


Regulatory and technical compliance providing irrefutable case material


Eradicating risk of breaches; ensuring stringent enforcement of policies


Eliminating the use of multiple systems and complex interfaces


Ensuring fast responses with maximum throughput and efficiency


Peace of mind - Ideco operates a fully accredited repair and support centre

With BioGate:
  • Identity transactions are authorized based on profile information from a variety of sources across multiple platforms.
  • Added ability to tailor authorization parameters by customer-, channel- or transaction type, the system provides strong risk management capabilities to prevent identity fraud at customer touch points.
  • The real-time nature of the identity engine is designed to monitor transaction risk and potential fraudulent activities.
  • Risks are limited before they become liabilities and reduce profits.
  • The systematic approach of handling identity transactions, organizations can maintain consistent and accurate identity clearing policies across multiple channels.
The BioGate system:
  • Reduces authentication costs by allowing a common set of identity transactions to be supported on multiple delivery channels.
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of consolidating or integrating disparate systems and provides a single point of integration to present and future systems.
  • Providing organizations both a higher level of Identity certainty as well as customer involvement,
  • Engenders trust and promotes increased revenue generation for service providers who use the system for Identity validation
The BioGate system:
  • Through the use of modern integration protocols, enables organizations to securely add new services for new delivery channels without disrupting existing operations.
  • Through its capability to tailor transaction processing by application type, channel type or customer type, provides the platform for more personalized services to the customer with full scalability in transaction volumes to accommodate growth.
The BioGate system:
  • Helps ensure consistency of service levels and information across multiple customer touch points.
  • Takes advantage of the best hardware and software platforms for security, reliability and availability.
  • Offers high performance, 24x7 availability and scalability which is key to our solutions.
  • Has demonstrated the capability of processing in excess of 2,400 transactions per second on a variety of platforms.
  • Organizations can leverage its existing integration capability and support for leading biometric modalities, technologies, channels and host systems.
With BioGate:

Organizations are under continual pressure to adapt to market demands and technology changes. Too often, outdated identity processing systems can impede time-to-market by requiring costly updates to support new transaction types, delivery channels or business rules.

BioGate integrates real-time data from multiple sources to allow for a more comprehensive view of each customer. This allows organizations to better manage identity risk and personalize their authentication requirements.

The BioGate system:
  • Functions on a unique “triproval” policy which is used to securely authenticate customers.
  • Authentication requests are generated by the acquirer or registered service providers, approved by the customer being identified and routed through the BioGate SwitchTM for validation against relevant authentication data sources owned by various issuers. The result is returned to the relevant acquirer for transactional processing.
  • Uses flexible authentication criteria; e.g. Low Risk transactions can be allocated less stringent authentication criteria whilst High Risk transactions could have multimodal authentication including customer profile ratings prior to approval. Resulting in higher customer trust, customer satisfaction and more profitable customer relationships
  • Customer authentication remains customer controlled which engenders a high level of trust and comfort with their identity data being secure.