Lower cost of ownership. Protect your investment.

Pair your Biometric Reader with the perfect accessory for protection and/or enhance the capability of your Biometric Solution.

  • Sigma Stainless Steel Housing

    Protecting your investment from weather

    • Shields against weather conditions
    • Manufactured from durable Stainless Steel
    • Rustproof
    • Mounting insert plate
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  • MA Extreme Stainless Steel Mounting

    Durable stainless steel mounting box to simplify your Sigma Extreme

    • Manufactured from type 304 stainless steel
    • Durable and rust proof
    • Easy wall, gooseneck or turnstile mountable
    • Simplifies installation and maintenance
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  • MARC V2

    Creating portability for MorphoAccess Sigma readers

    • Robust, powder coated metal case
    • Light weight and small from factor
    • Internal battery for portable use
    • Tamper prevention
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  • Prescan Pad

    Improve fingerprint quality during enrolment process

    • Stone tablet soaked with patented glycerine type substance
    • Lightly oiled for enhanced fingerprint quality
    • Mimicking normal bodily fluids from human skin
    • No false minutia
    • Useful for dry, worn or faint fingerprints
    • Clinically tested and approved
    • Suitable for up to 500 fingerprints
  • IDSU

    Intelligent door controller

    • Intelligent decision engine
    • Alleviates illegal access
    • Used with striker, magnetic locks and dry contact relays
    • Glass break function for emergency situations
    • Push button for exit request
    • Tamper alarm
    • Administrator reset
  • Surge Protection

    Electrical surge protection for your biometric readers

    • Minimise equipment downtime and replacement costs
    • Protects wiegand and power supply inputs
    • Install between biometric reader and third party controller
    • Channel over-voltage into electrical earth or ground wire
    • Maintain normal voltage supply to equipment
    • Easy installation
  • Wiegand Isolator

    Safe communication between biometric reader and other systems

    • Install between biometric reader and third party controller
    • Protects communication bus from imbalanced electrical levels
    • Neutralise the affect of ground loops
    • Provides electrical isolation between devices
    • Eliminates electrostatic discharge damage
    • Powered by biometric reader or door controller
    • Easy installation
  • Cards

    Contact and contactless smart card programmer

    • Suitable for e-ID, e-Passport, e-Banking and e-Commerce
    • Dual interface smart card reader and encoder module
    • Multi-protocol 13.56MHz smart cards ISO14443 A/B and MIFARE
    • Compact and easily integrated into enrolment system
    • Customization available
    • USB interface and powered
    • Drivers for Windows®, MacOS and Linux

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