BIMS Software

  • The heart of the system

    Created for Android – an optimised enrolment experience, quality in every modality.

  • Configurable workflow

    The best thing about BIMS is everything you can do with it. The intuitive workflow API allows for natural process following.

  • Creating a Campaign

    Your campaign, your choice every time.

  • So much for legacy

    Whether it is contact or contactless smartcards, barcodes or QR codes

  • When consent is required

    Signature pad

  • Security is integral

    Not an afterthought

  • Easy to learn and easy to use

  • Effortless to implement and quick to deploy

    Connected everywhere, every time.

  • The abilities of disabilities

    Catering for exclusions, inclusions - multiple modalities

  • The smartest way to educate

    The video capability

  • Creating a paper trail

    The printer produces real proof

  • When it is done

    Create the next campaign - redeploy your BIMS elsewhere

  • In kiosk mode

    In any self help environment

  • Incredible quality

    No compromise, fully compliant


Avoiding false acceptance through accurate performance


A scalable and agile solution to address a variety of applications in organisations of any size


Regulatory and technical compliance providing irrefutable case material


Eradicating risk of breaches; ensuring stringent enforcement of policies


Eliminating the use of multiple systems and complex interfaces


Ensuring fast responses with maximum throughput and efficiency


Peace of mind - Ideco operates a fully accredited repair and support centre