Biometrics: the game changer in access control

Biometrics is enabling a future in which authentication and access control is seamless, reliable and risk-free

By Marius Coetzee, CEO of South African Identity management experts Ideco

The principle of using technology for access control is not new – from the first keys to unlock doors, through to cards, access pins and early biometrics – enterprises and individuals have been using it to secure and gain access. What’s changing fast, however, is the way in which identity is confirmed and access is authorised. Advanced biometrics and integrated systems are enabling a revolutionary new way of managing access, which is so effortless, reliable and accurate that users barely know it is there.

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Biometric tech being deployed in SA could prove risky

The wrong technology in the wrong environment actually increases risk.

The use of biometrics is set to go mainstream in South Africa, as Home Affairs and local banks roll out major identification projects. But not all biometrics technologies are equal, and some may ‘come back to bite’ the enterprises rolling them out, warns Marius Coetzee, MD of South African Identity management experts Ideco.

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My Bank is using Biometrics :-0


I recently visited my Bank to get a replacement credit card as mine was compromised. As expected, I was required to present my fingerprints as part of the Bank’s identity verification process. For some reason, the online verification system could not find a fingerprint match and the Bank had to revert to traditional methods to confirm my identity.

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Do villains care about biometrics?

Inadequate biometrics systems could be creating a false sense of security in banks, security estates and office blocks, and in effect rolling out a red carpet to criminals.

By Marius Coetzee, Managing Director of leading identity fraud solutions provider Ideco

Biometrics-based security devices, in particular fingerprint readers, are now widely in use across South Africa. But in many cases, they could be creating a false sense of security among enterprises, and worse – serving to enable criminal activities.

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POPIA and electronic visitor identity management in SA

Identity management expert Ideco has announced a significant upgrade to its cloud and mobile-enabled Electronic Visitor Identity Management (EVIM) solution, which makes next-generation visitor management and compliance available to even the smallest sites.

Ideco, long the pioneer for advanced access and identity management solutions in South Africa, has yet again raised the bar for secure, efficient and cost-effective visitor identity management. Building on the successful 10-year track record of the original EVIM system, which has processed over 12 million visitors to date, Ideco is launching its new, enhanced EVIM system with additional features and advanced new functionality.

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Avoiding false acceptance through accurate performance


A scalable and agile solution to address a variety of applications in organisations of any size


Regulatory and technical compliance providing irrefutable case material


Eradicating risk of breaches; ensuring stringent enforcement of policies


Eliminating the use of multiple systems and complex interfaces


Ensuring fast responses with maximum throughput and efficiency


Peace of mind - Ideco operates a fully accredited repair and support centre