Access control

Controlled Access

Accurate, Reliable, Consistent

  • Our readers are high performance biometric readers
  • Tried, tested and proven in the harshest environments
  • Used by thousands of organisations
  • Perfect for access control and workforce management
  • Fast responses with maximum throughput and efficiency
  • No false acceptance or false rejections
  • Open standards to ensured full interoperability
  • Backed by Ideco's expertise and support

Morpho biometric readers - still the world's best in biometrics. Scroll and find fast, accurate and reliable Access Control and Time & Attendance Biometric Terminals.

  • MA Sigma

    A host of features with a refined and enjoyable user experience

    • Time & Attendance features
    • Tablet-like user experience
    • Videophone function
    • Anti-fraud: fake finger & face detection, duress finger
    • Full set of contactless technologies including NFC
    • IP 65 Weather Resistant design available
    • Fast 1:100 000 identification
    • Backed by Ideco's expertise and support
    • NFC(2) technology
    • Full smartcard Prox®
    • iClass®, MIFARE®, MIFARE® Plus
    • PIN and BioPIN(3) codes
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  • MA Sigma Lite and MA Sigma Light+

    Slim and powerful fingerprint access terminals

    • For narrow mounting surfaces: glass/aluminum door mullions, turnstiles, server rack doors
    • 1:10,000 user identification in 1 second
    • High capacity: 30,000 templates, 250,000 IDs in authorized user list, 1 Million logs
    • Anti-fraud features: fake finger detection, duress finger, timed anti-pass back
    • Flexibility: Prox®, iClass® or MIFARE®/DESFire®/NFC contactless card reader as an option
    • Embedded web server
    • Tough design: IP65 rated and vandal resistant (IK08) Compatible with Morpho and Bioscrypt existing installations
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  • 3D Face Reader

    For fast, secure facial recognition

    • Real-time 3D imaging technology
    • 3,000 enrolled personnel in 1:N mode
    • 60,000 enrolled personnel in 1:1 mode
    • Accurate matching using up to 40,000 data points
    • Matching speeds less than 1sec
    • Stores up to 100,000 logs of activity in off-line mode
    • 4inch colour screen to help with user positioning
    • Backed by Ideco's expertise and support
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  • MA VP

    Multimodal fusing Fingerprint and Finger-vein

    • Ground-breaking multimodal biometric security
    • Unrivalled accuracy, security and performance
    • 5,000 - 10,000 enrolled personnel (two fingers per person)
    • Multifactor authentication (Cards and Fingerprints)
    • Networked and power over Ethernet
    • IP65 rated subject to mounting conditions
    • Easy to integrate into existing access control solutions
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  • Morpho Wave (Desktop & Tower)

    The ultimate in contactless security

    • Highest level of security & applicability rate
    • Contactless, hygienic and stress free for everywhere use
    • Ease of use
    • Advanced authentication accuracy:
    • False Rejection Rate: 0.01%,
    • False Acceptance Rate: 0.00008%
    • SDK for purpose build applications
    • Backed by Ideco's expertise and support
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  • Outdoor MorphoAccess - 500 Series

    • IP 65 Weatherproof
    • Fast Accurate Reliable
    • Multifactor Authentification
    • Up to 50,000 users in one-to-many identification mode
    • Easy integration into existing systems
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Integrated MIFARE & DESfire reader/encoder
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  • Fujtisu PalmSecure ID Access PSN900

    • PalmVein ensures accurate contactless Access Control
    • 5.0" Colour touch screen display
    • Flexibility: HID or MIFARE® card reader as an option
    • Embedded web server
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Avoiding false acceptance through accurate performance


A scalable and agile solution to address a variety of applications in organisations of any size


Regulatory and technical compliance providing irrefutable case material


Eradicating risk of breaches; ensuring stringent enforcement of policies


Eliminating the use of multiple systems and complex interfaces


Ensuring fast responses with maximum throughput and efficiency


Peace of mind - Ideco operates a fully accredited repair and support centre